Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What can be more interesting than watching MSNBC's very own Keith Olberman (I used to like him when he was a sarcastic sports reporter for KTLA) and Chris (I feel a shiver down my leg) Matthews trying to explain why Martha Coakley is going to lose to Scott Brown in Massachusetts?
God forbid these people would actually admit that the people in the bluest of all blue states (but in retrospect, is it?) would elect a Republican because they are sick of the liberal nonsense of Barack Obama and his crew. So it must be because Martha Coakley is boring or ran a bad campaign or the people are confused, or my favorite...because Obama hasn't been liberal enough!
I can only hope the Democrats continue to delude themselves that our country wants the liberal nonsense and shenanigans that Obama-mania represents. We need a Republican* Congress and Senate in 2010 to get the country back on track and that will do it.
So keep it up Keith and Chris. I am sure your 785 viewers really appreciate your hard work and objectivity.

*By Republican, I mean the good Republican kind and not the big-spending, just-as-bad-as-the Democrat kind of Republican.